J Thomas Construction

J Thomas Construction was founded on the principal that service and quality are paramount. We believe a great contractor is not only someone who can build whatever you want; but also one who is focused, organized and personal enough to manage what is inherently an emotional process. Facilitating and often assisting with the development of the clients dream with professionalism and care is a service every contractor should possess.

We are passionate about design, fine craftsmanship and great architecture. We feel privileged to be working in one of the greatest art and architecture forums in the world. We take that same appreciation and apply it to the way we work with our clients and the relationships we build with the craftsmen and artisans we work with.

Planning is an important part of the building process that many people underestimate. Having detailed drawings can eliminate questionable construction, costs overruns and problems down the road. During the planning process we often like to get involved to aid in design-vs-cost issues. A good contractor is able to look at a design and eliminate needless cost with simple design changes that don’t affect the overall look of the project. Knowing what is important to the client and designer enables us to come up with creative ways to keep costs down and achieve the client’s vision